Healing in harmony with nature
BioPhotrex has been involved in over ten years of research tests under the direction of both standard and alternative medical doctors and has been tested for many alternative therapies including immune research and post cancer surgery immune support for those who prefer to forego chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Using the BioPhotrex on a daily basis, in addition to proper dietary changes and suplementation has shown positive changes in enhancing the body's ability to fight against immune system challenges.

Some of the greatest success stories have come from post operative patients who have chosen to forego chemotherapy and radiation and use the BioPhotrex in addition to dietary changes and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

It has been determined that regardless of the condition that patients are experiencing, the BioPhotrex has helped to increase their overall health by enhancing their natural immune system - allowing the body to regain its natural healthy resonance and heal itself. The body is programmed to heal itself, but too often there are other factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise or other environmental factors that inhibit this process. Research indicates that the BioPhotrex may correct the cell's natural electrical balance which allows the healthy cells to share their energy with other surrounding cells, creating optimal health for the entire body.
BioPhotrex has been used in research for over ten years
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